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The Everyday Hustle

Your husband walks through the door, you want to just feel some relief. You want to tell him so much about your crazy day. You want to let him know about everything that possibly could have gone wrong or just didn’t happen right. You want to ask him a million and one questions before he even has a chance to put his two tired feet into the doorway. Your kids are running around and acting as if all you did was give them candy all day long. They are so eager to get your husbands attention but all he want to do is just walk in, take a deep breath and relax from his day. Does that sound familiar?
Now if you’re anything like me… which I am not comparing how many children I have then you. But man, sometimes the days are so crazy and so long that I can’t wait for my husband to walk through that door and greet me with a kiss and start my novel of the day, because I always have a list of things to say. I know how much he loves that I could go on and on for hours. Ya right!
For all you homeschooling Mama’s out there and even if you are a stay at home Mama, you know what I am talking about right? You have a long day and you barely even know what you are making for dinner and there’s a pile of laundry just waiting to be folded that you will eventually get to.
It’s almost like your husband goes off to work for the day and then comes home and they are done. Well….not happening for us Mama’s that are exhausted and ready to just put our feet up and call it a day.
This is something so crazy to say but sometimes even though we have the most hardest, stressful and most rewarding job there is out there, we still consider ourselves quite lonely at times. Don’t you agree? We need that adult conversation and that’s one of the reasons I can’t wait for my husband to just get home everyday.
It’s kind of crazy that our husbands don’t want to hear about the million spills that we cleaned up that day, or how someone didn’t want to listen with their "listening ears"or how about how many times you had to tell your child that we just don’t do something or hurt somebody, or throw things in the house. Not only are we Mom’s but we are also referees, maids, teachers and so much more. My list could go on forever about the things that go on in our house on a daily basis, but I will spare you the truth.
Our husbands want to hear about how their children were awesome today, or someone learned to read or the baby is starting to walk and all the "fun" things that us parents get to experience.
Sometimes I really would love to erase all the negative things that we have to go through, but then again I don’t think we would be as good of parents if we didn’t suffer and deal with somethings. We need to learn and going through things is the only way to learn sometimes.
Sometimes we need "adult" talk to just feel like we are some sort of importance.
I have learned that being a Mom of a large family in these days has a lot of benefits actually. I get to watch each one of my children grow into these adults and hope and pray that they continue to follow God.
Don’t you just wish that when your child was born God sent a manual along with them? That would be amazing!
I think lots of you probably think that just because I have a large family that I have all the answers. I know this is going to shock you, but I DON’T! I am still an apprentice parent just like most of you. I learn each and everyday with my children and as a matter of fact, just when I think I know it all…here comes another child with another issue or something different that I thought I had already conquered! Man this parenting thing can be soooo hard. But at the end of the day I look at them and realize what an incredible blessing that I have right before me. It’s ok not to be a "perfect" parent and it’s ok to get frustrated sometimes at the whole learning process of everything…. as I just stopped because my 3 year old always has something to tell me or he’s getting into something!
So you need to know…. Don’t do this parenting thing alone. Reach out and ask for help. Don’t be ashamed that you need help because we ALL do! Make sure not to try to be that poster parent and think that you need to match up to what everyone else is doing because that’s NOT what your kids need. They require a few things Love, Attention, Guidance, Trust, and parents who set a good example!!
So don’t beat yourself up over how your day didn’t go according to your plan. Don’t stress that you didn’t get all the housework or schoolwork done. We need to support one another and be there if we need a hand. We are never too busy for another Mama!
Tomorrow is a new day Mama’s! So hug them tight and kiss them goodnight and then go talk your husband’s ear off and then give him a kiss goodnight! 🙂

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