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Techno – Logical World

We have the access right in the palm of our hands. Thinking back to the first time becoming a Mom almost 24 years ago to now the way that technology has evolved is crazy to say the least. So if you are in your 30’s, 40’s, or older you know exactly what I am talking about! The 20 year olds well….they remember having dial-up for internet when they were little and being kicked off of the computer just incase someone was to call. But for us that are older we actually had to use a "house phone" to call and make plans or just to talk to someone. Now….we know every thing and almost too much of what others are doing. We have access with us 24/7.
Somedays I think about how life was so much more simple. We would sit there with our children and play "toys" and read books for hours and hours. Life was just so much more laid back wouldn’t you agree? Now that we has so much technology with our phones we find that even young kids have the advantage of having a phone even at such young ages. Not here though. We make a rule that the kids are not allowed a phone unless they can pay their part of the bill. We homeschool so things are a little different. But just thinking of the avenues that can open up with all the social media sites is rather scary. Kids thinking that their "friends" are people that they don’t even know or maybe people that claim to be someone or something they are not!
We need to stay on top of our children and ask them continuously what they are doing and who they are talking to. I never imagined the crazy world of being having to talk to cyber friends! I remember just taking with someone face to face and getting to know someone in "real" life to become your friend.
Some of the new apps that are out there it’s just insane. Why do kids need to feel acceptable and "popular" through social media? Why do they need to feel as if they fit in with the cyber world? What happened to the innocence of these kids? What happened with going to the movies, taking a bike ride, going out for ice cream, going shopping, just having a simple conversation and just being a kids WITHOUT A CELL PHONE???
It’s not just the kids but its everyone now a days. We rely so much on our phones and social media to feel that we are accepted. Which is really a sad thing for this generation. Sometimes we see all that people are doing and unless you know that person it could all be NOT REAL. We are always trying to keep up with the next person when before it was just trying to keep up with your neighbor. Where can you be where you don’t see at least someone starring at their phone or talking a selfie?
So anyway I thought of this word more in depth and thought ok… techno means art or or technique and logical means reasonable or
understandable. So I guess that it means a reasonable art or technique! So I guess we can say it’s logical right?
Yes, I know…we need the internet! I know I would be lost without it. My children even do some of their schoolwork on the internet. We have google at the touch of a button!! Who would have ever thought that we would be using a computer for all our answers? When we used to have to use our home phones (does anyone that is under 10 know what that even is?) to give someone a call to get an answer. What about Pinterest? Oh how I love Pinterest! Recipes, DIY’s, how to make just about everything. I mean how cool is that! Then there’s YouTube! Do you want to know how to fix things just go to YouTube. My husband just fixed our washing machine recently thanks to YouTube!
So, yes the internet and technology can be amazing and we really do need it. Just a matter of what you use it for. It’s going to be crazy to see what the next 10 years will bring with technology. Not sure about you, but I could never live without the internet. If I didn’t have internet I wouldn’t be writing this next blog post right now. So from 24 years ago to now it has been a complete change for sure! Can you imagine if we just took a step back in time to only about 200 years ago? Geez people that lived that long ago were probably predicting what we would have been like! Now we look towards the future and only one can imagine what the future holds. Although God has had it all figured out for years and years which is why we can’t outsmart Him.
Not sure about you, but I could never live without the internet. If I didn’t have internet I wouldn’t be writing this next blog post right now.

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