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Somedays are REAL tough….

I know we all imagine This perfect "fairytale" life and having children is just the cherry on the top. Don’t get me wrong we have been truly blessed with all our children but let’s be real, some days are real tough, not just a little but ALOT!
Getting up in the morning has always been a crazy time for us over here with our tribe. We always have at least one early riser so that means if I want any "alone" time, then I need to get up when it’s still dark out! Which I love love snuggles on the couch if we have early risers but sometimes that can become a problem because I still need to get up and start our busy day. When you homeschool, you just need to be ready and prepared for your day. So… then when is there time to get in the shower, get ready for the day and have time with God before all the littles are at my feet telling me how starving they are, as if they haven’t eaten for days. Seriously, my kids LOVE to eat constantly. As a matter of fact our biggest bill!!!
Don’t you just love the days that everything runs so smooth that you can’t believe the day has already come to and end? The kids have just played so nicely and you got lots accomplished. As a matter of fact today was one of those days. Kids sharing the iPad, some kids playing legos and making amazing creations, some playing with a fall sensory bin, and the older ones doing their schoolwork without me prompting them.
I may have not showered but I did manage to get dressed and my heart is so full when I have cooperation and less disagreements.
But we all know this doesn’t happen all the time.
Let’s go back about a month ago when my 6 year old decided to cut open a humungous stuffed animal "to see what was inside". Talk about a massive mess to clean!! I feel like we had little tiny styrofoam balls sticking to the ceiling, walls, and to the floors (which I went through 3 vacuum bags) for weeks!!

Oh and the time my 3 year old just a few weeks ago decided to pee all over the bathroom floor because he couldn’t get to the bathroom quick enough and in the same day hid in the pantry and poked his finger in about 12 coffee cups and poured the grinds all over the floor while getting into peanut butter! Listen…stories of my 3 year old and all my kids at 3 years old for that matter, could go on and on. Why are kids so mischievous? This is just a small tip off the iceberg what really goes on over here on a daily basis, but I just wanted to let you all know that being imperfect is OK.
Sometimes we just need to laugh things off. They are learning just like we are each and everyday.
Lots of people think just because we are a large family, I have all the answers. The truth is… I don’t. Surprising huh?
Somedays are so tough that I just would love to get a break. Somedays are so tough that I didn’t think I did enough. Somedays are so tough that I questioned myself about keeping it calm. Somedays are so tough that I questioned my strength. But at the end of the day I know that tomorrow is a new day and I get to start all over again. Just hope and pray that my son looks at me and says "Mommy, pinky promise". As he does that and looks at me with those big brown eyes of his, I know that God has given me a big job indeed, but it’s so stinking rewarding all at the same time. I get to be their Mom which is the BEST job in the whole world. So yes, I have more crazy days then not and I get mad at stupid things sometimes, but I am still in a learning phase of just laughing some things off. To a degree of course.
Listen… when you’re having a crazy chaotic day, lighten up. Sometimes we need "mommy time-outs", a brisk walk, or just go to a room where you can reevaluate yourself and why you are getting all upset at little things mostly. Kids will always be kids and they need to learn too. They explore and get into things that they shouldn’t, they argue with siblings, throw things sometimes, stomp their feet, yell, cry, want attention (sometimes positive and sometimes negative), and can also be demanding at times.
But I reassure you.. give them some growth space to talk things through with them. We can’t always have our way either. Things will NOT ever be perfect and that’s ok. Sometimes go to their level. My kids love when we put on some music and just dance. To all you homeschool Mom’s out there give yourself some credit and stop being so rigid. Kids will learn each and everyday. I know for me if my children learn respect and how to become a mature hardworking teen/adult then I have done my job. We need to prepare them for the future. I tell my kids all the time, "I don’t tell you to do something because I am being mean, but rather because I love you and I am teaching you to be responsible".
You will eventually get that meal in or that shower that you have waited all day for. But in reality they need you. Kids don’t care if you showered or are in your best outfit for the day. All they care about is spending time with you and being happy.
So when you are having a bad day and the kids are all crazy, get into your "kid" mode and come down to their level. I guarantee you…. they will love it!
Matthew 18:3
And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

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