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Sleepless Nights

We all have that one time or other with our kids when we talk about our sleepless nights and how exhausted we are as parents. The newborn babies that wake multiple times in the night to the older ones that have a nightmare and just want some snuggle time in their parents bed. Some of us co sleep and others just get woken up.
The sick kids , the sleepwalkers, the kids that have night terrors, or just the kids that just don’t sleep ….PERIOD! Now of course we love our children and believe it or not, I can remember being almost excited for my babies to fully sleep through the night and then when that happens…I miss it in a strange sort of way. We all love the snuggling and watching your children slowly drift off to dreamland, but sometimes we just want our own bed back. Don’t you agree? I mean come on, no one told me about all these sleepless nights before having kids, especially when they get older!
So, I have a story to share that is kind of crazy. I have a son (well, lots of them! But one in particular) who is now 5 years old. When I tell you that we had sleepless nights I am not lying. As a matter of fact, he didn’t sleep through the night until he was 4 years old! So every night when I would go to bed I knew for sure he would be in there at some point. I was exhausted and burnt out most days and found that I just wasn’t functioning at my full potential. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to make it through the day, but now I can look back at this and talk about it.
Even going to preschool was a struggle not only for him due to his behavior, but he was such a distraction to the rest of the class.
Our pediatrician recommended Melatonin. So that’s just what we did. I have to tell you that after doing extensive research I realized that Melatonin is NOT the answer! So for all you parents please do your research. It is not a supplement but rather a hormone that comes for animals! Ya kind of gross right. Anyway… I could go on and on about this subject so maybe that will be another blog post.
Anyway, I started doing some major research and realized that my son had SPD (sensory processing disorder). He seeked sensory and needed to be close with other people. He would be constantly squeezing my arms and had to be right next to someone all the time. His behavior was out of control most days due to not sleeping. Now you can imagine when you don’t sleep well, but for a little guy, he was really struggling.
It was a LONG 4 years with him not sleeping for sure.
He had some sleep apnea issues that were addressed with specialists in Boston and we all agreed that his tonsils and adenoids would have to be removed to give him the best chance of sleeping.
His energy always seemed to be great unless it was night time, and then he would be asking to go to bed. We did go through with the surgery and he did amazing, although the recovery was awful! Although that didn’t cure the sleeping issues.
So I started with my research on how I could help him just get some sleep. I found out that lavender diffused in his room would help him, so that’s exactly what we started to do. Everynight we would diffuse lavender and it got to the point he was asking for it. Anyway, it helped but we knew that something else had to be added. So we found out that a weighted blanket might just do the trick. So I ordered him one of these heavy blankets in hopes that we would all get some sleep and he would feel secure and not need me in the middle of the night. I prayed so hard for my son to just be able to sleep through the night because we all just became sleep deprived and couldn’t even function normally anymore. I would always say that after I had him my "hobbies" came to a halt.
Well, between both the lavender and the weighted blanket I thought I had things figured out but still he was waking up but not as many times in the middle of the night. I am telling you it was almost like we were playing tag in the middle of the night.
So I heard of this amazing Chiropractor that specialized with pregnant woman and children, which was so up my alley because not only do I have lots of children, but I am a Birth Doula also. She works with all people! 🙂
My first reaction was, "why would I bring him to a Chiropractor when he wasn’t even hurt"? Why do I want someone to "crack" my son? I just didn’t understand all the benefits of a Chiropractor at that time. I even mentioned to my pediatrician that I was bringing him to see one and see was a little hesitant. This is where I should add that you are the parent and God gave you the wisdom to know what is best for your children. We know them best.
I still didn’t understand until I started to do some more research and found so many benefits of having a Chiropractor. I thought what do we have to lose right? So I called and made and appointment to take him in. We went to Harmony Chiropractic and when I tell you that the Chiropractor is amazing…that’s just an understatement! She was so welcoming of us and loved my son to pieces. Well the first night he seemed to be a little more relaxed when we got home which was nice. Then by the end of the first week we implemented all three things including the weighted blanket, the lavender in the diffuser, and the Chiropractor and guess what?…..we had a 4 year old little boy that slept through the night!!!! Can you imagine how happy we were? Even more so I was so excited to have my son get a good night sleep and be able to function the way that he deserved.
We prayed for that day to come. My husband was so exhausted having to go to work everyday and I was dragging with one eye open on most days. I was overwhelmed and stressed out and definitely NOT myself.
So for all you thinking that there’s no end in sight and your family is not functioning due to lack of sleep go find yourself an amazing Chiropractor! You are not alone in this. Hang in there and keep praying.

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