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For the fear of the world

Fear, worry, grief
Are you afraid??

As my family finished dinner and everyone helped with the cleanup process because it is quite the process you know! My husband sitting across the table from me, the baby cruising along the bench in the kitchen and laughing at himself in the dining room mirror, some of the other children playing a card game not even realizing that this will be just a small start to competition in this crazy world. But the laughter that filled the room and the smiles are always so priceless. I found myself thinking about the world we call home. With all that has happened with natural disasters and now what has been plastered all over the news with Las Vegas. No wonder why over half of the world has anxiety, stress and are just plain scared. We now have these fears of leaving our home. Can’t even go to public events, malls, schools or now even concerts. So how one earth am I supposed to be this mom that doesn’t have a fear when her children are not in sight? I know a lot of you are probably thinking, oh this is why she homeschools her children. Well… not exactly! Nine years ago things were different even then. So that decision was something that wasn’t based on what’s happening in the world today. I found myself and my mind just whirling with what is going to happen tomorrow? And what will this world be in 30 years from now? Think about what this world was 30 years ago and how things have changed so much. It really has become something that I could have never imagined. Although it has all been written out for us many many years ago to have some sort of a heads up.Teaching the kids that we shouldn’t be cruel to one another has been a moto in our home for a long time now. There’s so much hatred in this world that if that’s one thing to eliminate in our home then that’s what needs to be done. Nursing my little guy to bed tonight and thinking of all of what has and will happen in this place we call home can be extremely overwhelming. We need to know and realize that God does not want us to worry and doesn’t want us to be so overwhelmed that we are not enjoying life. "Do not fear for I am with you"Enjoy every laugh and smile, enjoy life even when things don’t seem to be going according to your plan. As their mother I need to teach them compassion, love and to spread the love of Jesus. To not live in fear but have confidence to stand up in any situation that may come their way. I fear their future… yes but I know that they have big dreams that they will need to fulfill. I will provide them with the best knowledge and support that I know how to give them.My hope and prayer for my children is to not have a fear of the world but conquer the world with integrity, and give others confidence to have the strength and courage to face fear. I cry in silence for the world and for all my babies. People wake up and start to pray. Pray for your family, your neighbors near and far. Pray for the person behind you in the market, pray for the impatient person on the road, pray for the world because we are gonna need it.Do you know that the phrase "do not be afraid" is written in the Bible 365 times? That’s your daily reminder friends.

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