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Your Time Will Come

Do you ever wonder what will come your way? Do you ever wonder if what you are doing in life is good enough? Do you wonder if in 10 years from now you will look back at all you have accomplished or could have accomplished in that time? Do you just still at your age think to yourself…."what do I want to be when I grow up"?
Sometimes it takes a long time to figure out what your journey will actually be. Where you are headed or why you have had struggles that have no answer. Every part of your life has a story which is insane to think about.
Some people go through life wondering "when will things happen for me or my family"? "When will we ever get a break from everything that we have been through"? "When will I get a better job"? "When will I get married or have a baby"? " When will it be my turn to succeed"?
You know what… you’re time will come! It may not be the way you planned or the way that you will expect it, but it will.
You have to understand that God has your life all planned out for you and He has even before you were even born. Crazy right? He has your life diary right in the palm of His hands!! He has it all set, so don’t resist it because things just won’t work even though you think they will. Trust His timing and NOT yours.
So for my family He had this plan that we would be parents to a million kids (just kidding only 13) LOL!!!
I know for me there have been times when I look around and wonder "why"? Why can’t I do things with my family that I want to do, why can’t I be successful and not have to ever worry about finances, why does it seem that we try too hard sometimes to get no where?
Social media can play a huge part on these feelings. Lots will post things that they have done with their family or how successful they are. But if you look at the whole picture we should be happy for them and not envious. Proverbs 14:30 says…. "A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones."
We are all here for a purpose and a reason and you know what… we may not know that reason right off the bat, but eventually we will figure it all out.
Yeah I would love to be able to afford more then what we have, but you know at the end of the day I look in my house and realize that God has given me more than I am deserved. Being happy is more then just doing things. It’s about being grateful for what you have at the time. Thanking Him for each and every blessing that has come your way, and I mean good or bad.
He has given us ears to listen and He has given us a mouth to speak to others encouraging and lifting each other up in times that may not only be troubling, but not being envious of others but rather excited. You see…. having a big family has it’s pros and cons just like anything (but I will save that for another blog post) but, one thing I can say for sure…. there’s lots of talk about what everyone else is doing or what they have, but… it doesn’t matter at the end of the day because we are grateful.
God will bless those who give and bring others to Him.
So as I write this blog post I think man I have so much to share with you all! I am excited for you to come along our journey. We have just begun to get started.
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Hang on tight…It’s a bumpy ride

Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. Wouldn’t you agree? And then somedays, it’s just not going by fast enough. The time stands still when your in the middle of all the tasks that you have to complete in a day. When you have little ones they are constantly at your feet whether it’s for something that they already asked you for about 50 times already and you repeatedly have said no to them, or maybe it’s that they need a drink because they are dying of thirst. Oh…. and what about the 100 snacks they need in a day because they are starving to death. Really? They have no idea what starving really is! What about those bathroom moments when they are banging at the door?
Meanwhile you have taken on a huge role of not only a Mom but a nurse (maybe I should someone who panics when the kids get hurt), personal chef (because everyone thinks it’s a restaurant and they get to choose) , housekeeper, taxi driver, referee (how many battles do you break up in a day)? , teacher, CEO of the Household, personal shopper (because everyone has a list), guidance counselor (because everyone needs one), this list could go on and on! When did we sign up for this multi level position? Man if we got paid to have the title of parent….!
But this has got to be the BIGGEST job that anyone could have for sure. Almost as if it’s a volunteer position right? But what we don’t realize is that God actually hired us for the most rewarding job out there. He gave us these children to raise and teach them right from wrong. He wants us to be the BEST example to them as possible until they are able to make their own decisions. We never go for an actual interview but we will have to answer to Him just like our boss. Don’t you remember when you prayed to have a child….. well that was your interview so congratulations you got the job!
The challenges of everyday life and trying to just keep the house in line most days can be a daunting task. Most days I know for me I have to take a "mommy time out" because if I don’t get a second to breathe throughout the day I may just explode. I wouldn’t be honest if I told you that just because I have a big family that I don’t get frazzled because I do. Sometimes I am waiting for my husband to walk through the door and hand over my shift.
Lots of people think that I am supermom and I will just simply say " I am just a mom". I don’t want to take on the role of "super Mom" just yet. HAHA. That’s like saying that I am a supervisor of my so called position. So when I tell you I am just a Mom. I mean it. I am just like anyone trying to do the best that I can. I have days where my kids look at me with such faces that I haven’t been "such a good girl" today.
Our children learn what they live. It’s not all about the "things" that you can buy or how much you can do or how many times you make it to Disney. It’s about the love, nurturing, time well spent with them and just a listening ear for when they need you the most. Or even there to put a bandaid on their not bleeding booboo! (how many bandaids do you go through in a year)?
These times will go by fast when they are little and you still have somewhat control. It’s when they become young adults is when it can be challenging. You watch them grow and have tried your best to protect them from things of the world. You talk with them and reassure them to make good decisions but you can only pray for the best. That’s when you turn to your boss again (God) and ask him for a bonus, an incentive to get you through these years ahead. You pray and hope for the best.
No one ever told anyone to be your child’s best friend. That’s something you can save for later.
Life is made up of a bunch of "things" that are not necessary. You can’t buy love like that. So focus on today and don’t worry about tomorrow. It will all be good and remember to strap on your seatbelt because it is going to be one bumpy ride.

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10 Reasons why we homeschool

1.) we can teach the kids what we want and don’t want them to be learning about.
2.) they get to explore their own interests without a lot of "extra" work.
3.) when they finish a task they are able to move along and not wait for others.
4.) to be able to learn "life" lessons such as home tasks, finances, and how to work independently.
5.) to make learning fun and not a burden.
6.) to learn to get along with siblings and be able to set good examples to them. (Good social skills without keeping up with the world)
7.) to learn to be a role model to others by learning character traits
8.) to advance in areas that they never thought possible.
9.) to learn how to work with a team (because we have a pretty big tribe)!
10.) to put God in control of all things and put Him first in all we do. 🙂

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Hang in there Mama we got this together

So to say this week has busy crazy chaotic is really such an understatement. We have had a crazy almost 3 months trying to sell our house as most of you already know. Well things just didn’t work out the way that was planned (well not in my plan anyway). I wanted to sell our house and move on into our hopefully forever home. But when I look back at just that short time, which seemed like eternity with all the showings and trying to keep our house clean, it was just a small glimpse of what God was trying to show us ..once again.
You see all of the anticipation of the whole idea of selling and then trying to find something that was going to be suitable for our big growing family was a little overwhelming for sure. So deciding to take a step back was just what was in order for us. Our kids were getting used to the fact of keeping the house clean that now with the house off the market, they think every time that we clean the house we have a showing.
We have seen so many changes over the course of this time period in our lives. We have become stressed out from not having any offers (except on the very last day), we were almost angry and not having time with one another (which wasn’t good), our children became defiant and acting out in ways that I didn’t even think was possible. I felt like their ears weren’t even working and that they just felt pushed to the side a little bit. 🙁 We are a very close family and not being able to even eat dinner together at our kitchen table was not good for us. It was insane!!! I knew one thing…. I wanted our family back! So the decision was clear to just wait and take our house off the market.
So we started our homeschool a little early this year just for the fact that we needed structure and routine back into our lives once again. It is going to take some time for us to get back into routine but I am actually looking forward to the Fall when things seems to quiet down and we can learn to enjoy our family the way that we all deserve to.
I believe God spoke to me and said "listen to me". Life is too short for us to try to figure out on our own. If we just listen and just take a step back and let God be in control, then things would fall into place the way that they should.
Yes I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and opportunities fall in place when they should. I recently have taken on a position with a Network Marketing company selling wine and I think it is hysterical because I don’t even really drink wine. God is pretty comical, but I feel if this is an opportunity that He is putting in front of me, who am I to close a door?
When we become stressed and not really who we are, it makes life difficult doesn’t it? I felt so many times that I didn’t even know who I was anymore.
I know so many of us Mom’s feel this way at times when it feels like our world is falling apart right in front of us. We have no control and let’s face it….most of us like to have that control with lots of things in life. It’s scary when you are on this never ending spiral and you are feeling as if you are drowning in an ocean. We cry out for help and no one is in sight.
Listen up Mama’s.. we are here for each other. No one said you have to be a superwoman, no one said that you have to feel alone, no one said that life would be easy, but I do know one thing. God has given us others so that we can help each other. There is Hope that things will change.
It is our job to pull our family back in and keep it very close knit. Don’t let the yarn unwind. Keep it tight and nothing else will matter.
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The days are long, but the years are so short

Lately in our house things have been a little crazy chaotic to say the least.
So we have put our house on the market in hopes to sell and nothing has happened except a whole bunch of showings and not even one single offer.
We had the anticipation that things would go quickly and we would be moving into our new home hopefully by the fall when we would start our homeschool back up again.
I guess we are NOT in charge of timing now are we? So as you can imagine being stressed and frustrated with trying to keep the house clean and people coming for showings but nothing comes of it when you are trying to raise a family (a very large family in fact).
It is such a stressful time in someones life to try to get through. Not just for my husband and I but for our children too.
We need to get back into our routine and get our life back to a so called "normal" family life.
As the days pass by me I have thought about something a lot lately….. Our children deserve to just be happy and just be kids. With everything that has been going on in our crazy world, they at least deserve to be happy at home.
We all can get frustrated and annoyed with things that come into our everyday life and that’s what makes me realize that our children need us at our best. We can’t wait until it is bedtime most nights because we just need some unwind time for ourselves, we love to just get in our cars with no one because that’s how we can chat on the phone with no distractions for a few minutes. This list can go on and on, but when you really think about snuggling these cute little bundles of love think about this statement that I am about to say to you.
"The days are long, but the years are short".
Wow! We do have long days, but when you compare it to years, it just sounds absolutely so small . Just like when you wake up in the morning to your children yelling at you to wake up, and you don’t want to start your day just quite yet, just know that someday you’ll miss that. With just a blink of an eye you will wonder where the time has gone.
We can all get wrapped up in our everyday buys lives, but seriously pay attention because one minute they are little and then the next they are grown and ready to have babies of their own!! It’s crazy how quickly time can go.
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Where is that path that we should be taking again?

Life is always just a bunch of branches leading us into a path that sometimes intertwines with each other. Sometimes we figure it all out and sometimes we never get out of all the tangles. Where is the path that we are supposed to choose? How are we supposed to know that we are choosing the right path or are we setting ourselves up for disaster?
Lots of choices in life make us question whether or not our decisions are even what God really intends for our life.
In Proverbs 3:5-6
it says "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths."
I guarantee you that there will always be a choice and multiple paths to choose. The question is whether or not that will be the right path for your life. God has our lives all planned out which is amazing to think about.
We will be put in awkward situations and some not so comfortable. We tend to think that whatever makes us happy or content is what we are supposed to do.
I know for us right now we are praying for a move. We have our house on the market and things are not budging. Does that mean God wants us to just be patient and wait on his timing? Are we just trying to make something happen that shouldn’t be happening right at the moment? I am not sure. So we wait and hopefully either doors are closed or maybe there will be a new door that opens. Being patient is something that we are definitely not born with that’s for sure. It’s something that comes in time and has to be learned. I even catch myself with my children telling them that we need to learn to have a little patience sometimes and wait until the time is right. What is it that we need instant gratification with everything? I know for myself this is something that needs to be worked on.
We have to remember that we all have a plan and purpose for our lives and we need to be aware that life will throw us some curve balls, but don’t try to figure out which way to turn on your own. You can always choose a path but doesn’t mean it will be the right one. Let the right door open and follow that path. Have patience and trust God that he knows what is best for your life. Don’t try to rush just because it may be something that you want. We have all we want it’s just a matter of what we need!