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A New Season Is Upon Us

No matter the phase of life you are in, it’s just for a short amount of time just like a season. It’s hard to actually believe that before you know it, you are already into the next phase of this so called life and there’s no turning back but moving forward can be almost scary but exciting at the same time. Almost when a tree loses its leaves in the Fall you can’t put them back on, but you know in the Spring they will be more beautiful then you could ever imagine right?
Well lets talk about the everyday family life around here with our tribe…
The baby almost walking, the teething, the 3 year old (which is a whole ‘nuther story)! The "middles" that are all learning to read and get a little sassy in between, the teenagers that are just trying to figure out life, and yes the "adult" kids, do I need to say more? Oh and the sweet grandchildren phase, which is all new to us right now.
This is the season of my house right now. Just learning each and everyday what this season is all about.
Think of it like this…. we can use a tree as an example. Sometimes we will have a big beautiful blooming tree and other times we will have a tree that is just full of branches and looks lonely out there in the world waiting for some attention.
We need to go through these seasons as a learning process and to figure out what our next step will be to get to the next season.
Whether we face challenges, new job changes, parenting issues, good times, bad times, new babies, grieving, challenges, moves, or even just the everyday obstacles that we face each and everyday, our seasons will always tell a story.
We will not always have a Spring and we will not always have a Fall, but that’s why there’s Summer and Winter to balance us out cause fire and ice will make things a fresh slate. Almost like a time to think about where our next season will be heading.

There’s always hope of change coming. Everything has a cycle and that makes life interesting for sure. The experiences that we get to have and see change right before our eyes is amazing!
I love to think about just how crazy in the almost past 24 years of becoming a Mother for the first time, how many seasons that we have actually gone through.
We need to accept the season that we are in and not just thank God for the good seasons but also the seasons that we may think are terrible. Be thankful for all seasons of life because it may be hard when you are faced with that season, but there’s a reason and a purpose that you are going through it. Not sure about you, but I look forward to each and every season although I might not of said that when going through a few a while ago.
So….. ask yourself this question…"Are you happy with your season, or would you just say that you are content?"
It’s like we have chapters in our lives and before we open a new one we have to finish what we started. To me that’s exciting.
Watching my children grow through these seasons has given me joy and hope to a future that will mold and form them.

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