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10 Reasons why we homeschool

1.) we can teach the kids what we want and don’t want them to be learning about.
2.) they get to explore their own interests without a lot of "extra" work.
3.) when they finish a task they are able to move along and not wait for others.
4.) to be able to learn "life" lessons such as home tasks, finances, and how to work independently.
5.) to make learning fun and not a burden.
6.) to learn to get along with siblings and be able to set good examples to them. (Good social skills without keeping up with the world)
7.) to learn to be a role model to others by learning character traits
8.) to advance in areas that they never thought possible.
9.) to learn how to work with a team (because we have a pretty big tribe)!
10.) to put God in control of all things and put Him first in all we do. 🙂

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