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Influenced or Influencer?

You know oftentimes I catch myself saying to my kids, “do you want to be a leader or a follower”? Well, we all want to see our children exceed their wildest expectations and rise to the top in everything they do right? I mean who wouldn’t want to see our kids get into Harvard with a GPA of over 4. I know that I want to see my children succeed and not fail. Although, let’s get one thing straight…we all fail at times and that’s ok. Get yourself back up and dust yourself off and move on. As I was having a conversation with my kids the other day about how some kids can be so cruel and others get made fun of on a daily basis, I was asking them how they would feel. It breaks my heart to know that some children just get picked on daily and what ends up happening is the other children that think they are “cool” are influenced by them and it changes their whole personality and demeanor. But let’s think of something…where did that one mean child learn that it is ok to be so cruel? I’m not going to sit here and blame the parents because children do have a mind of their own, but I do know one thing… children learn what they live! Children need the guidance to realize that just because one may be different or not technically “fit in”, it is NOT ok to just be a bully. So make sure you are talking with your kids and teaching them that being a bully is NOT ok. Anyway, so this leads me to this. We all have someone that influences us whether we are a child or an adult. Children look up to older siblings, parents, a family member, a friend, someone from church, or maybe even a family friend. We have to be prepared that someone may always be paying attention to what we are doing. In this crazy world that we live in today, we really need to be on top of who are children are influenced by because those are the influencers that our children shouldn’t be influenced by. Are you still following me?

Parenting is the hardest job by far whether people agree with me on this one or not. Until you are standing in a parents shoes…. there’s nothing that anyone can say different.

The saying goes “children learn what they live” very true indeed.

You teach them they way and pave the path but as they grow…. the path broadens and they choose their own way. So give them the foundation they will always remember because that is what will make a difference.

Plant the seed and watch them bloom

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In times like these

The days have all just become days and the nights have just become the same. Waking up each morning it’s hard to tell a Monday from a Sunday.

The kids being home, working from home, laid off from your job, no matter what the situation may be, we are all in this boat all together. As a matter of fact pretty much all the same suffering from the same effect, but in different ways.

The anxiety that has built up and the stress that is on our shoulders. The uncertainty of this has made this once called life something that we would have never imagined.

Thinking of everything that is taken for granted on an everyday basis. Just the simple fact of walking into a store or market without having to stand 6 feet apart or maybe even waiting outside in lines as the employees take a headcount because only so many are let in at a time. Not being able to go out to dinner with your spouse when now is the time when date nights are so needed. Not being able to enjoy fun things with our children when getting out of our house would be so beneficial. Visiting family members when now is the time they need us most. Our children not being with their friends at school and just don’t understand it all. This list is endless. I am sure you could think of a million other things.

What about the masks? Not even being able to see ones facial expressions is not only sad but strange. The plexiglass barriers that now we have to speak through. Almost feels as if this is all a nightmare and we just want to wake up right?

What about the essential workers? Some may have been dealing with extreme anxiety and having to wear a mask all day does nothing but cause irritation. This world we live in at this time is sad, lonely, depressing, anxiety filled, and scary.

The fear of the unknown captivates us into this never ending cyclone of questions. What is really going on? When will this all be done? Will we ever get back to the way life once was? I’m not 100% sure that life will ever be back to “normal” ever again. It’s baby steps before we can even see some sort of normalcy.

Some are taking this harder then others and some don’t take things too lightly. The only thing we can do is press on day after day. Pray for our future because no one knows what that looks like. Enjoy the time with our family right now because these moments count too.

The days are dark right now but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will get through this!

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I know you’re tired, but so am I…

Dear husband….

The early mornings, to the exhausting commute time and working so hard each and everyday for us, you have definately shown and proven that you are the man of the house and you will never let us down.

Kicking your shoes off at the door and then it’s your relax time when you come home. Having only a few hours with the kids and then falling asleep from exhaustion, It must be tiring I’m sure.

The baby is ready to settle in for the night but not before she is nursed to sleep and using me as her comfort zone. The younger kids get bathed and all put to bed so they can get the rest that their little bodies need. The “teen agers and tween agers” well they get themselves all settled for bed and get ready for their next day of anxiety, peer pressure and stress of their daily routines.

The daily tasks that a stay at home mother endures throughout her day is sometimes overwhelming. Not just getting herself up and ready, but a whole team to get up and make sure that they have everything that they need to have a productive day. For you it is “just you” that you are getting up and getting yourself together and out the door to be in your car all alone. What I wouldn’t give to have some quiet time to think all to myself.

Then comes the daily household chores and errands… The cleaning, the bill paying, the never ending laundry that sometimes resembles Mount Everest, the dog having to go out and all the messes that come along with the dog, the being taxi so that others can get to their jobs, wait… hold on don’t forget the baby crying, cooking for the littles that are still at home, the cleaning up of messes, the after mess of everyone leaving in the morning, the helping in the bathroom, the everyday hustle of chores, and don’t forget running your own business and being on the phone with a very uncooperating toddler.

Being a stay at home parent is a far cry from easy. It can be stressful, overwhelming and just outright exhausting some days.

But now the children rush in the door after a long school day and demand a snack as they drop their backpacks by the door and shoes in a clustered mess. As you are still trying to figure out what’s for dinner as you realize you never took anything out of the freezer or have anything planned for that matter.

Where did the day go? So now it’s homework, dinner (if something is planned) baths, and a little time to unwind. As I’m sitting here practically falling asleep before putting the kids to bed. Kissing their sweet little faces and telling them how much I love them as tomorrow morning it will start all over once again.

Don’t get me wrong I love my title as “Mom” but I would be lying to you if I said some days are not tiring and very overwhelming. By the time things are all settled at night you try to rush around and get as much done as possible because now it’s your time to be you for just a minute without the 50 million demands of getting snacks and drinks and the constant “Mom” calling.

Did you ever wonder why they don’t bug Dad as much?

So to my dear husband somedays when I don’t look my best or dinner is not on the table and we have leftovers that night. Please just remember… I’m so sorry but I’m tired too.